It is best to move around Florence on foot, although there is much to see, the main sites of interest are within walking distance of each other.

For longer distances are urban buses, tram, tourist bus, taxi or bicycle.

Florence city bus

There are about 100 urban bus lines in operation in Florence, plus there are five lines that operate only at night.

The most used by tourists are lines C1, C2, C3 and D, they run through the city center with electric minibuses that do not pollute and reach the pedestrian streets.

Most urban lines operate between 05:30 and 00:30 hours, although the ones that tourists use the most have different schedules, from 07:00 to 20:00 hours.

Florence tram

From a tourist point of view, the tram is one of the least interesting transport options in the city, since none of its lines run through the historic center of the city. Currently the Florence tram has 3 operational lines.

Thanks to the provision of transport, traffic jams can be avoided compared to the bus or taxi, because it operates on its own lines.

Trams run through Florence from 5:30 in the morning until 00:00 at night.

Florence tourist bus

Tourist buses run through the main sites of interest in Florence.

The purchase of a ticket gives access for 24, 48 or 72 hours to go up and down as many times as you want at any point of the route.

In the capital of Tuscany there are two different routes, the blue line and the red line, although some sections are coincident.

Florence taxi

As in all cities, the taxi is the most expensive means of transport of all. In Florence the pricing is different for trips inside or outside the town center, it also changes depending on the day and time it is.

Bike in Florence

Finally there is the option to move around the city by bicycle.

There are several companies that offer the bike rental service, even in conjunction with a guided city tour.

But you can also opt for the public bicycle rental service, previously managed by the City of Florence.

Today management has moved to the Mobike platform.


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