Buying in Florence could be defined as a pleasure for the senses.

Gastronomic products

As when visiting the rest of the Italian cities, returning home from a trip to Florence must be accompanied by a suitcase full of pasta, cheeses, typical liquors and oils.

Pasta, the most common purchase, can be found both in supermarkets and in gourmet stores or markets. The prices of the strangest variants are around € 3-4 for a package of 500 grams.

Among the cheeses it is worth noting the Roman pecorino and the Parmesan. You will see that prices, compared to Spain, are relatively cheap.


Although we are not talking about Milan, if something characterizes the northern part of Italy is the passion for fashion. In the Florentine streets you will find the shops of the best designers.

The most exclusive shopping streets are those near Ponte Vecchio: Via Por Santa María, Via Calimala and its perpendicular and parallel streets.


On the street you will find many people selling bags and other imitation garments. Although haggling you can buy "branded" bags for 10 euros, the Italian authorities begin to take the issue seriously and threaten to sanction buyers with fines of between 500 and 1000 euros.

Souvenirs and gifts

Miniatures, t-shirts, puppets and even Venetian masks. Through the streets of Florence you will find many shops and street stalls where you can buy souvenirs of your trip.

Markets and markets

In Florence there are three markets that you should not miss. They are very central and are the following:

  • Mercato Centrale: The Central Market, built in 1784, is an old-fashioned market, a paradise where gourmets can find the best Italian gastronomic products.
  • Mercato San Lorenzo: This market starts from Mercato Centrale and extends to the Church of San Lorenzo. As in any market you can buy both gift items, such as t-shirts, bags and other products.
  • Mercato del Porcellino: Also called Mercato Nuovo, the Porcellino market is similar to that of San Lorenzo. The name comes from the wild boar statue in its southern part. It is said that whoever touches the nose of the wild boar returns to Florence (it happened to us!).


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