Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. Root Systems Analogic. (hereinafter the “Service Provider”) as duly identified in the Legal Notice and General Contracting Conditions (hereinafter “T&C”) by means of this Privacy Policy (which forms part of the T&C together with the Cookies Policy) sets out the basis on which any personal information (hereinafter “Personal Data”) collected by the Service Provider from the Customer or provided by the Customer shall be processed by the Service Provider. Please read the following carefully to understand the Service Provider’s views and practices regarding the Customer’s Personal Data and how the Service Provider will process such information in connection with the Services provided to the Customer, all in accordance with the T&C.

1.2. By accessing the Website or the Services provided by the Service Provider, the Customer hereby authorizes and gives its express consent in favour of the Service Provider in order to collect, process, store and use the Customer’s Personal Data according to this Privacy Policy. In case that the Customer has any doubt or disagreement regarding the data provided or the use of it by the Service Provider in any way permitted by this Privacy Policy, the User must refrain from using the Services.

2. Guidelines to be observed by the Service Provider regarding the use of the Personal Data

2.1. The Service Provider may collect and process the following Personal Data provided by the Customer: (a) information provided by the Customer when required due to the provision of the Services; (b) information about the use and resources accessed by the Customer; (c) communications maintained and exchanged with the Customer; (d) Information collected through the using of Cookies as depicted in the separate Cookies Policy; and (e) information collected as a consequence of the Services provided.

2.2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees the use of its Personal Data for the following purposes: (a) delivery of notices and communications; (b) advertising and marketing of the Services and any other related products. If the Customer does not allow the use of its Personal Data for the purposes mentioned above, a formal notice shall be sent to the Service Provider at the following address Consequently, Customer acknowledges and expressly agrees to receive notices and communications through electronic means (SMS, e-mails and MMS) related to the Services and/or other similar services, promotions or events similar or equivalent to the Services; (c) preparation of reports, analysis or services to be done by the Service Provider and for its use; (d) to prevent any fraudulent action; (e) to be used in any other way as specified in this Privacy Policy or as required by the applicable laws and regulations currently in force.

2.3. The Service Provider is entitled to collect and use the Personal Data in order to comply with the contractual purposes of the T&C as stated therein. The Service Provider is entitled to retain the Personal Data once the provision of the Services is terminated, if required in order to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or in order to solve any dispute or to apply this Privacy Policy or any other contract executed with any other Customer.

2.4. The Service Provider shall apply the applicable technical and organizational measures in order to protect the Personal Data stored by the Service Provider from its destruction, loss, variation, disclosure, access our unauthorized use, accidental or illegal, and from any other illegal processing.  The Service Provider shall apply the same or similar levels of protection in accordance with the current standards that apply in the sector. Notwithstanding the above, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Internet is not a completely secure environment, and thus the Service Provider cannot guarantee an eventual breach of the security measures that are applied or any other security incidents that may occur in the course of the provision of the Services.

2.5. The Services could contain link to third party websites. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that all the Personal Data provided by the Customer after clicking on these links is subject to the corresponding privacy policy of the owner of such websites and not to the Service Provider’s policy. The Service Provider shall do its best in order to include links only to trusted websites. Notwithstanding the above the Customer releases the Service Provider from any liability arisen related to the content, protection and security of the above mentioned third party websites.

3. Information related to the processing of Personal Data of the Customer.

3.1. The Personal Data that the Customer provides, freely and voluntarily, by filling in the applicable online forms, shall be included in a database held by the Service Provider. The acceptance of the T&C and this Privacy Policy imply the Customers’ acceptance for the automatized processing of such Personal Data by the Service Provider in order to comply with the provision of the Services.

3.2. The purpose of the collection and processing of Personal Data by the Service Provider is the management, administration and performance of the Services offered by the company, and its use for communications with Customers as well as the eventual delivery of commercial information about products and services similar or equivalent to those contracted herein that may be of interest for the Customers.

3.3. The Customer may exercise its rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose, at any time, the processing of its Personal Data in accordance with the applicable law, by writing a notice to the Service Provider at the following e-mail address

3.4. The Service Provider guarantees the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data provided. The company has adopted the security levels of protection appropriate to the level of sensitivity of the Personal Data provided by Customer and applies the necessary means and technical protection measures at its disposal to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized use of personal data. Nonetheless, the Customer is herein informed and acknowledges through this Privacy Policy that such means are not infallible and unassailable and that therefore the Service Provider shall not be made responsible of such events and situations.

4. Cookies Policy

4.1. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored in your computer’s memory and hard drive of your PC, tablet, mobile, when you visit certain web pages in order to record, store and recovery information concerning the navigation activity of the Client on such device.  They are used to enable websites to function or to provide information to the owners of a website. These allow the site to remember information regarding your last visit in order to provide an easy access to the services used and direct those to your personal profile, easing its use. The cookies are only associated to an unidentified user and to its device; therefore the cookies do not provide any personal data of the User to the Service Provider. User can change the settings of its browser in order to block the installation of the cookies, without affecting the access to the contents available on the Website. However the performance of the web site could be affected for such action.

4.2. Types of Cookies

According to the entity that manages it:

   (a) Self-made Cookies: delivered to the user’s device from a device or website managed by the Service Provider.

   (b) Third party Cookies: delivered to the user’s device from a device or website managed by a third party. This device or website is not managed by the Service Provider.

According to the length of time during which the Cookies may remain active:

   (a) Session Cookies: these are designed to collect and store data while the user access a website. Once the user close the browser these Cookies automatically expires.

   (b) On-going Cookies: the data provided remain on the Cookies and could be accessed during the period on which the Cookies remain active.

According to its purposes:

   (a) Technical Cookies: they allow the User to navigate and use the services or tools provided by the website.

   (b) Customization Cookies: allow the User to access some general functionality previously defined by the user on its device.

   (c) Analysis Cookies: allows the Service Provider monitoring the users preferences in the website on which they are linked. The information collected using this type of Cookie is commonly used to measure the website activity, the software used or to as part of a platform used for creating profiles of the users with the aim of improve the services using the information contained on the Cookies.

   (d) Advertising Cookies: allow managing the advertising spots/spaces that are included by the Editor.

   (e) Behavioural advertising Cookies: these store information about the behaviour of the users, obtained throughout the continue observation of they habits using the website. This allows developing a specific profile in order to show specific advertising to the user.

4.3. Types of Cookies currently used by Service Provider

The Service Provider currently uses the following Cookies in the Website:

    - Type: Google Analytics - Cookie de Análisis
    - Provider: Google Inc.
    - Purpose: Google Analytics captures user interactions on the website (time of the visit, if the user has previously visited the site, which site will be recommended, IP address, etc.)
    - Additional information: The Customer may at any time disable such cookies by configuring your browser. His disabling not preclude the use of the Services.

4.4. Amending cookie preferences

Should the Customer desire to remove the cookies set by the Service Provider at the Website from the Customer’s browser in the future, it is possible to delete them.  The instructions for removing cookies from the computer or mobile device depends on the operating system and web browser used. It is important to notice, nonetheless, that the blockage or deletion of the cookies on the Website may impair the functionality of the Website.

The site includes instructions for managing cookies on many commonly used browses, or you may consult the vendor documentation for your specific software.

For further information about your Cookies preferences and procedures please link the corresponding link below:

   (a) Chrome,

   (b) Explorer,

   (c) Firefox,

   (d) Safari,


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